Parham Albadvi

Digital Strategist | Storytelling | CRO (Conversion Rate Optimizer) | Expert Lead Generator | Sales Consultant

About me

Named the highest performing new member of the team, creating six opportunities in the 1st month

Video strategy | worked with companies of all sizes incl mid market (100-500 mil)

In the past decade, I’ve spent the bulk of my time learning the ins-n-outs of sales and social marketing. Through my knowledge, I’ve helped several award-winning startups like Eventbrite and Vidyard achieve tangible results.

I’ve also built my own personal brand on Instagram @followyourwhy with 13.5k followers.

Developed a robust social media strategy; leading to a 3x growth in our following and 25% increase in engagement; signed 80 restaurant partners (Lazymeal)

Conversion-focused copywriter & digital strategist with a background in business development and a track record of generating high quality leads. I’ve helped several award-winning startups like Eventbrite & Vidyard achieve tangible results.

I'm here to help conscious businesses blend marketing + copy strategies to drive conversions. The focus of the strategies I create is to help you stand out in a competitive marketplace & convert prospects into loyal customers.

Parham Albadvi

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