Dawki - A Divine Discovery

Go deeper into the lush shade of green to Dawki, the hidden gem of paradise.

About This Event

Dawki is a small, unexplored village situated at the bank of the cleanest river of India Umngot River. It has an exquisite natural beauty, Umngot, an emerald green fairy tale river, so clean that on your boat ride, your boat will feel like floating on the river. As you float along, you will encounter the sparkling cascades that drop down from the stunning hills covered with lush green trees. The river has such majestic beauty that it gives you peace just by looking at it. Once you are here, you would just want to sit and stare into the magnificence of nature - the endless horizon, where the blue rivers meet, flanked by foliage in all shades of green.

March 16, 2021
10:15 am
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STANDOUT Global Summer Program 2021

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